The Process


Although each project is different, here is a general idea of how it works. 



In first step of the design process, we share each others ideas, thoughts, and  

inspiration through pictures, words, emails, sketches, coffee, or anything else that inspires us 

to realize this project.



The concept stage conveys the vision for the project. This may include

delivery of concept sketches, models, pictures - anything to visually develop 

the project in an artistic but realistic manner. We also want to capture the functionality,

tones, style, and feel of the project in this stage.



Wood, paper, textures, steel, leather, finishes, colors;  design is all in the details,

and we want to make sure we choose the perfect materials for the project

at hand, therefore reviewing material samples is an important step. 



Depending on the project - finished drawings, plans, schedule and/or

production model will be presented before production starts. 



By having the project created in house, or with or select network of craftsmen,

fabricators, and suppliers, every step of the production process is closely monitored to

make sure the project is being produced accordingly. 


Installation / Delivery

The final stage of your project will be the installation or delivery.. Whether it be delivering 

a single piece, or installing multiple items, we want to make sure this step is also 

done correctly, and efficiently.